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Phycox is a patented joint supplement that provides a comprehensive blend of beneficial ingredients for joint health-phycocyanin, glucosamine, MSM, antioxidants, creatine and more. The unique blend of phycocyanin and beneficial ingredients helps support bone, muscle, and joint health.

Phycox is the only joint health supplement with a novel, patented joint support matrix containing phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant that has powerful free radical scavenging properties and supports the body's normal defense against the harmful effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage and inflammation. Clinically, this may help ease discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity. (US Patent 7,025,965)
Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant, derived from blue-green algae, that has powerful free radical scavenging properties which can support the body's normal defense against the harmful effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage and inflammation (US Patent 7,025.965)
Contact your veterinarian immediately. Have information about the product ingested, and how much was ingested, in hand when you call. If you cannot reach your veterinarian immediately, call Dechra Veterinary Products at (866) 933-2472.
Phycox is available from veterinarians. Although Phycox might be seen through other purchasing channels, Dechra does not sell directly to anyone except licensed veterinarians. Dechra cannot guarantee the stability of our products purchased through those channels and will only honor our 100% palability guarantee when Phycox is purchased from a veterinary hospital or from an online pharmacy associated directly with your veterinarian.

See if your veterinarian carries Phycox or where you can find Phycox near you. Vet Locator
Phycox MAX chews contain three times the phycocyanin as compared to Phycox original formula, and six additional ingredients (Cinnamon, Green Tea Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cranberry Extract, CoQ10 and Chromium Picolinate) to aid in senior health and advanced joint support.

Phycox Max is recommended for sporting and working dogs, and dogs of all ages who require a maximum level of joint support.

Phycox Soft Chews, our original formula are recommended for active dogs and dogs of all ages who require a moderate level of joint support.

We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine which Phycox product best fits your animal's joint health needs.
The National Animal Supplement Council is a non-profit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the United States.

As part of its ongoing effort to improve and standardize the animal health supplement industry, NASC initiated it Quality Seal Program. The seal is a way for pet owners to know that when they buy a product, they buy from a reputable company that has successfully completed a facility audit. Different from the NASC logo, use of the Seal is a privilege for members and signifies the company has been audited for implementation of specific standards.

If you would like additional information on NASC, please click here. Visit NASC
Dechra Veterinary Products, the current manufacturer of Phycox, purchased the Phycox brand and manufacturing facility in 2014 and we have slowly been making updates to the labels to ensure ease of instructions, compliance with regulatory guidelines and to create a visually appealing package for pet owners. The upcoming package changes to our Phycox products will complete the progressive design changes and will now fully align with our other products in the US and will continue to meet the NASC Seal Label Guidelines. Additionally, the new label will now proudly carry the NASC Quality Seal.
You may occasionally see crystallization on the outside of Phycox chews. This occurs when there is a temperature fluctuation during storage and the oils and sugar granules in Phycox become noticeable on the surface. This crystallization does not affect the quality or palatability of the product.
Phycox is offered in three different formats—Soft Chews, Small Bites and Granules. Some dogs prefer one form over the other. If your dog is a small dog, you may want to consider trying the Small Bites. Phycox Soft Chews can also be divided into smaller pieces and given as treats or crumbled over a dog’s food. The Granules can also be sprinkled over food. Ask your veterinarian or the staff at your veterinary hospital for a few recommendations.

If your dog refuses to eat Phycox after trying a few different tricks, Dechra does offer a 100% palatability guarantee on Phycox. Return the unused portion to your licensed veterinarian for a full refund or replacement. (If you have purchased Phycox from a source other than a licensed veterinarian, this guarantee cannot be honored. Dechra recommends purchasing Phycox from your veterinarian.)